A group of people enjoying a concert at the Town Common in Greenville, NC

Greenville Unveiled: Nature, Art, and Community Along the Tar River

If you are looking for ways to feed your soul, stretch your legs, or immerse yourself in nature, Eastbrook and Village Greens Apartments are perfectly situated to do all that and more.

Discover the Charms of the Tar River
Flowing nearly 200 miles, the Tar River meanders southeast through North Carolina, evolving into the Pamlico River as it approaches Washington, NC, before gracefully merging into the Pamlico Sound.

Shaded by the gentle embrace of pine and cypress trees, the Tar River boasts serene cypress swamps along its banks. Depending on the season, time of day, and your chosen paddling spot, you might encounter an array of wildlife, from leisurely turtles to majestic bald eagles. Once the bustling artery of Greenville during the era of riverboats, the Tar River now invites exploration through tranquil flatwater kayaking, granting passage to hidden cypress enclaves.

Embrace the Greenville Greenways
A testament to community dedication, the Greenville Greenways emerged from the collective vision of concerned citizens. Though conceived by the city council in 1985, it took a decade of unwavering effort before the inaugural greenway, The Green Mill Greenway, unfurled its verdant path in 1995. Over time, this ribbon of greenery extended along Greens Mill Run and the Tar River, stretching from the ECU campus to the Greene Street Bridge, encompassing approximately 9 miles of scenic trails.

The Greenville Greenways evoke the charm of Fayetteville’s compact Cape Fear River Trail rather than the sprawling network of Raleigh bike paths. Short enough for a round trip, yet enticingly looping through Uptown Greenville, this route begins at Town Common Park, meandering along the greenway until reaching 8th Street. Rather than traversing the bustling expanse of 10th Street, the journey diverts onto 8th and Forrest Hills, leading back to dedicated bike lanes on 5th Street, ultimately winding through historic Greenville homes.

Trek Through River Park North
Spanning 324 acres of wetlands across the Tar River from Uptown Greenville, River Park North beckons with its natural allure. Housing the Walter L. Stasavich Science & Nature Center, as well as offering fishing, camping, and river access, the park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Its network of approximately 3 miles of hiking trails weaves through the landscape, offering glimpses of vibrant birdlife amidst the tranquil beauty of sunrise and sunset. As you explore, you may encounter markers indicating a proposed boardwalk into the swamp, promising enhanced accessibility to this pristine natural expanse. Let’s hope the project harmonizes with the delicate ecosystem, ensuring a seamless blend of human presence and natural splendor.

Immerse Yourself in the Arts
As with many college towns, Greenville boasts a vibrant arts scene awaiting exploration. The Greenville Museum of Art showcases both permanent collections and rotating exhibits, while the city streets are adorned with captivating sculptures by local artist Johnathan Bowling, enriching the urban landscape with his distinctive style. For a deeper dive into the creative pulse of the community, Emerge Gallery proudly exhibits local artwork, providing a platform for emerging talents to shine. Additionally, East Carolina University opens its doors to art enthusiasts, offering a myriad of galleries and performance venues. Greenville’s artistic tapestry invites exploration and appreciation from the eclectic displays at the Wellington B. Gray Gallery to captivating shows at the John D. Messick Theatre, Hendrix Theatre, and the Wright Auditorium.

When residents of Eastbrook and Village Green Apartments alike immerse themselves in Greenville’s blend of nature, art, and community, they find themselves drawn into a tapestry of experiences that enrich the soul and foster a deeper connection to the city and its surroundings. Whether paddling along the Tar River, exploring the greenways, trekking through River Park North, or delving into the vibrant arts scene, Greenville offers a diverse array of opportunities for exploration and discovery. With its welcoming embrace and myriad charms, Greenville stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of small-town living intertwined with the wonders of nature and the arts.