Join us at Barefoot on the Mall!

Join us at Barefoot on the Mall on April 23rd, marking the final day of classes for many ECU students. We’re excited to set up a booth and participate in this vibrant event!

Barefoot on the Mall is an annual festival hosted on The Mall at East Carolina University, conceived by an undergraduate member of the Student Union who drew inspiration from similar celebrations at other universities.

In its early years, the festival showcased local talent exclusively. The inaugural event in 1979 featured performances by Toad the Mime and the ECU Jazz Ensemble. Throughout its history, Barefoot on the Mall has boasted a diverse lineup of bands, including the Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band, The Drifters, and a Beatles Tribute band. Movie screenings, such as Rocky Horror Picture Show and Space Jam, have also been popular attractions.

As East Carolina University expanded, so did the festival’s offerings. Initially spotlighting winners and runners-up from the local Battle of the Bands competition until the early 2000s, the event gradually began featuring performances by renowned artists like Whiz Khalifa and Jason Derulo. Notably, in 2019, T-Pain joined the roster of headlining acts, marking a new milestone for the festival.

The image comes from the 1989 Barefoot-on-the-Mall event.