Wildwood Park New Trail

Just a stone’s throw away from the Eastbrook and Village Green Apartments lies a recently unveiled gem in Greenville’s landscape: a boardwalk and pedestrian bridge, completing a 1.7-mile trail loop within Wildwood Park.

This newly accessible route, nestled under Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, seamlessly connects the park’s eastern and western expanses, enhancing recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

The trail loop now embraces the eastern perimeter of the park, encircling its picturesque lake before extending to the west. Here, adventurers can explore over 3 miles of rugged paths meandering around an expansive 80-acre lake, offering licensed fishermen ample opportunity to reel in a catch.

This scenic 1.7-mile loop encompasses meticulously maintained primitive paths, alongside the recently constructed boardwalk and bridge spanning a canal, linking Barber Lake to the Tar River.

Spanning 365 acres and situated north of the Tar River, with Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard dividing its eastern and western realms, Wildwood Park debuted to the public in October 2021. Its offerings include not only the nature trail but also a sandy beach, a floating dock with boat slips, an accessible kayak launch, a waterfront camping platform, and various parking and shelter enhancements.

Adding to the park’s amenities, a welcome center was inaugurated earlier this summer, featuring restroom facilities, staff offices, and a shaded sitting area overlooking the lake, complemented by a nearby playground. Subsequently, the city unveiled a bicycle skills course, a pump track, and the six-mile Chris Smith Mountain Bike Trails, further enriching the recreational landscape for outdoor enthusiasts.